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Resilience and Reset: Latin America's 2021 Energy Outlook Webinar

Joint Webinar with Sproule and Institute of the Americas evaluates key trends and M&A activity in the Latin American energy market in 2021

Webinar Date: Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 at 9am PST

Join industry experts from the Institute of the Americas and Sproule, who will reflect on the Latin American energy market in 2020 and the outlook for 2021.

Latin America was one of the hardest hit regions by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the region showed resilience despite global, political and social challenges. There were positive signs of exploration, drilling and production activity in many Latin American countries. The region is also embracing the energy transition through increased focus on hydrogen and decarbonization efforts, growing deployment of renewables and electrification of transportation in select markets.

Chris Mylde, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development at Sproule and Jorge Milanese, Regional Director, Latin America will present a short overview of the recently-released Latin America Energy Outlook followed by a discussion panel with Marta Jara, Non-Resident Fellow at the Institute of the Americas and former Director General of ANCAP in Uruguay and Jeremy M. Martin, Vice President, Energy & Sustainability at the Institute of the Americas.

The webinar will explore key trends and M&A activity in the Latin American energy market in 2020, insights into key developments in 2021 and how the energy transition is affecting investment patterns in the region.


Featured Presenters 

Chris Mylde, M.Sc.
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Sproule

Jorge Milanese.
Regional Director, Latin America, Sproule

Marta Jara.
Non Resident Fellow, Institute of Americas

Jeremy Martin.
Vice President, Energy & Sustainability, Institute of the Americas


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