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About Us

We think energy.

Sproule has a 70-year legacy of driving value for clients through independent, expert technical, operational and commercial analysis.

The energy industry is experiencing a period of disruptive change. Decisions today must consider the broader implications of how an asset will drive value tomorrow. Given the interplay of assets, markets and capital, this requires a global perspective and an understanding of the entire energy value chain. Our perspectives are anchored by a deep bench of subsurface expertise, financial and commercial acumen and operational experience. We bridge the technical and commercial aspects driving decisions and help clients accurately understand value drivers, manage risk and optimize business decisions.

From our Arctic exploration roots to navigating the critical issues in an increasingly interconnected global energy market, energy professionals rely on our history and expertise to make better business decisions and create sustainable value.


Service Quality: We strive to always deliver world-class solutions that are competitive, on time and on budget.
Professional: Knowledgeable, skilled and experienced professionals are at the core of what we do.
Integrity: We conduct ourselves and our business with integrity and honesty.
Responsibility: We are responsible and accountable for our decisions, actions and solutions.
Innovation: We use innovation as our path to meeting client expectations and keeping our company competitive.
Teamwork: We work together to create world-class solutions for our clients and employees.

The Sproule Story

  • 1951 | Founding
    Founded by Dr. Cam Sproule
  • Late 1950s | Early Days
    Established consulting firm with a focus on exploration and mapping in the Canadian Arctic
  • 1970s | Ownership Change
    Ownership acquired by Sproule employees
  • 2000s | Step Change
    Rapid growth and expansion. Positioned as a leading reserves certification firm. New offices in Denver and Houston
  • 2010s| Strategic Diversification
    Focused on growth in key markets. Acquisition of asset management firm Niven Fischer (2017) and re-entered US market with acquisition of MHA (2019). Project offices opened in Mexico City (2018) and The Hague (2019)
  • Current | Embracing the Energy Value Chain
    Building on core skills to embrace the broader energy value chain as a leading energy knowledge firm. Strategically connected in all major energy markets globally

Building the Community

Our business provides us with a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful. Without the solid foundation that our community and industry provide, our company would not exist. To help strengthen social and economic foundations, we support several charities and are involved in many organizations that help our industry and communities thrive. At Sproule, we are dedicated to giving back to the communities where we work through financial support and active volunteerism. We actively encourage all colleagues across our global offices to volunteer and find outreach opportunities.