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Optimize geothermal projects by leveraging our operational experience in conducting feasibility assessments, derisking subsurface resources, and refining production processes.

Unlock the full potential of geothermal projects by leveraging our operational experience. Our multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach ensures optimal project outcomes, maximizing the return on your geothermal investment. We have extensive expertise in conducting feasibility assessments, derisking subsurface resources, and refining geothermal production processes. Founded on decades of international experience in geothermal energy, our team has the skills to provide valuable insights across every aspect of the lifecycle of a geothermal project.

Services | Strategic Advisory and Due Diligence | Production and Reservoir Engineering | Geological Evaluations and Seismic Risk Management | Geothermal Project Management

150+ MWth geothermal heat capacity continuously supported
70% of Dutch geothermal projects served
30+ Well delivery and intervention projects managed

Production and Reservoir Engineering: Sproule’s holistic approach to Geothermal production encompasses healthy design, material selection, testing, and corrosion prevention. Our proprietary “Wells Integrity Management System” (WIMS) safeguards well integrity, while tailored tools and reservoir characterization services ensure long-term, continuous production and reservoir preservation.

  • Well Delivery Projects: well and completion design, drilling and data acquisition programs, well test analysis​
  • Production and Injection Optimization:diagnostics, data analysis, geochemistry evaluation, corrosion mitigation, scaling management, well integrity management ​
  • Workovers and Interventions: strategic design, engineering, and project management​

Together with Sproule’s Reservoir Characterization service, we provide geothermal reservoir engineering solutions to ensure long-term, continuous geothermal production while maintaining reservoir integrity.


Strategic Advisory and Due Diligence: Our technical, commercial, and operational expertise supports investors and operators in Geothermal project decision-making and realization. Our specialists offer high-quality, targeted advice based on extensive experience, ensuring a thorough understanding of risk and value.

  • Geothermal Feasibility Assessments: site selection, geothermal concept assessment, geothermal resource potential evaluation, economic valuation, LCOE calculations​
  • Technical Due Diligence: independent project review, red flag reports, SWOT analysis, Lender’s Technical Advisor (LTA)​
  • Strategic Advice: risk characterization, Field Development Planning (FDP), risk mitigation strategies, guidance for project organization ​
  • Permits and Grants:  funding opportunities, subsidy applications, permit submissions​

Together with Sproule’s Energy Advisory service, our experts are equipped with a range of proficiencies enabling a comprehensive overview to deliver holistic advice on complex challenges.


Geoscience: Our comprehensive services include geologic evaluations, geomodeling, petrophysical analysis, and reservoir simulations. These services encompass mapping and aggregation of geologic databases, seismic interpretation, static models, offset well analysis, probabilistic modelling, and more, using industry-leading software such as Petrel, CMG, and Eclipse.

  • Geological Evaluations: mapping, aggregation of geologic databases, GIS analysis​
  • Geomodelling: seismic interpretation, development, and quality control for static geomodels, seal integrity analysis, fault, and fracture models (Petrel)​
  • Petrophysical Analysis: offset well analysis, well-log interpretation ​
  • Reservoir Simulations: probabilistic modelling, dynamic models, history matching (CMG, Eclipse) ​

Geohazard Management: Address subsurface risks like seismicity through proactive monitoring and tailored solutions, ensuring safe, responsible production and operational compliance.

  • Geohazard Risk Analysis: site evaluation, seal integrity assessment​
  • Baseline Monitoring: seismic activity and subsidence monitoring, correlation with production and geothermal operations data​
  • Seismic Risk Management Plan: Traffic Light System (TLS)design, stakeholder management 
  • Project Management: local geohazard monitoring network
Floris Veeger
Managing Director, Geothermal
Han Claringbould
Senior Geologist, Geothermal

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