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Low carbon energy alternatives are in high demand to fulfil climate goals and can deliver strong commercial benefits.

Geothermal energy production provides continuous, year-round baseload renewable energy. This reliable energy source offers opportunity for competitive heat and power generation, while leaving a minimal carbon-footprint. Geothermal development can play a vital role both in terms of district heating and power generation.

Sproule is actively covering the international geothermal market, which is rapidly maturing with respect to scalability of projects, financing, and risk management. Our Geothermal specialists provide advisory services, project management, and technical support for geothermal operations.

Services | Production and Reservoir Engineering | Consultancy and Due Diligence | Seismic and Risk Management and Geologic Evaluations | Geothermal Project Management

150+ MWth geothermal heat capacity continuously supported
70% of Dutch geothermal projects served
30+ Well delivery and intervention projects managed

Production and Reservoir Engineering: Veegeo Sproule Geothermal provides a holistic approach to geothermal production monitoring and optimization. This starts with the implementation of various production engineering aspects in the well design, including artificial lift and completion design, material selection, well testing, and chemical prevention of corrosion and scaling.

During the production phase, the integrity of the wells is insured by our internally developed “Wells Integrity Management System” (WIMS). Flow performance can be monitored continuously with our tailor-made chemical and data analysis tools. Together with Sproule’s Reservoir characterization service, we provide geothermal reservoir engineering solutions to ensure long-term, continuous geothermal production, while maintaining reservoir integrity.


Consultancy and Due Diligence: Geothermal development requires expertise in technical, commercial, and operational aspects. We support investors and operators with technical due diligence for decision making of prospective geothermal projects as well as during the design and project realization phase. Our extensive experience in geothermal operations is decisive in delivering high-quality, subject-specific advice. Our experts are equipped with a range of proficiencies enabling a comprehensive overview to deliver holistic advice on complex challenges.


Seismic Risk Management and Geologic Evaluations: Subsurface activities are associated with risks, as is geothermal energy production. Management and mitigation of these risks, such a potentially causing seismicity, is of great importance for geothermal operations. While there is no consensus on how to accurately predict seismic risk, monitoring local seismicity pro-actively has proven to increase its understanding. Veegeo Sproule Geothermal provides location-specific seismic risk management solutions including seismic hazard evaluations, (baseline) seismic activity monitoring, including wells activity correlation, seismic response protocols, and seismic activity alerts. These insights contribute to safe and responsible geothermal heat production, which is critical for the licence to operate. Moreover, prior to and during the realization of a geothermal operation we perform geologic evaluations to gain a better understating of the surrounding subsurface structures and reservoir characteristics.


Project Management: The realization of a geothermal operation requires strategic and detailed management and coordination of various project factors. Our team has significant experience with overseeing this extensive process, including development strategy, design process, procurement with vendors and service contractors, supervision, and realization of geothermal systems. Our experience includes high innovation projects with various types of stakeholders and high exposure.

Floris Veeger
Managing Director, Geothermal
Han Claringbould
Senior Geologist, Geothermal

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