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Our Expertise: Energy Themes

Energy Transition

The global energy system is becoming increasingly integrated across heating, transportation, and electricity markets. In this evolving market, Sproule supports clients with carbon management strategies in existing operations and future opportunities.


ESG and sustainability reporting are increasingly becoming critical features of a company’s equity narrative. Sproule supports this process by helping companies devise carbon management strategies and providing independent analysis and benchmarking of carbon intensity reporting.

Corporate Strategy

Navigating the rapid transition to a lower-carbon economy requires a proactive strategy for all energy companies to embrace new opportunities and establish key parameters and targets to mitigate emissions. Sproule’s multi-disciplined team supports clients by establishing key strategic considerations in an evolving market, understanding key drivers for stakeholders and establishing a strategic roadmap.

Peak Fossil Fuel

Sproule’s commodity price forecast is underpinned by proprietary models that build scenarios that can support strategic considerations informed by peak fossil fuel consumption. The analysis can support developing strategies that rely on a more granular understanding of fossil fuel demand, changing consumer preferences in key consumption verticals and associated timelines.


As part of a deep decarbonization strategy, hydrogen will play an increasingly important role as cost curves allow for developing an efficient and cost-effective value chain covering production, transportation, storage and consumption. Sproule actively covers the global hydrogen market and the development of future regional hydrogen hubs and can support clients’ strategic considerations or development of specific assets.


Geothermal development has a vital role to play both in terms of district heating and power generation in specific markets. Sproule is actively covering the geothermal market, which is rapidly maturing with respect to scalability of projects, financing and risk management.


Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage is becoming a critical component for any major project proponent to consider as part of an overall strategy to mitigate emissions. Sproule supports the full life cycle of CCUS projects and has extensive experience in all aspects of CCUS development, from the screening of appropriate storage sites, regulatory considerations, reservoir modelling, assessing EOR potential to full project development, management and monitoring.

Renewable Power

As part of Sproule’s coverage of the energy value chain, Sproule supports clients with an understanding of project economics, asset values and market drivers. Sproule has also been involved in evaluating alternative renewable power projects, such as compressed air storage. Clients value Sproule’s perspectives built on understanding the interplay between renewables and natural gas in power markets, the hydrogen sector and the broader development of a lower-carbon economy.