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Transaction Advisory

Identify and execute acquisitions, maximize economic value, understand investment returns, optimize assets and manage operational and financial risk. Sproule provides the support and advice critical to understanding value drivers, ESG considerations and how to attract capital and execute corporate strategy in a rapidly changing market.

Sproule’s independent experts have the know-how to help you navigate opportunities across the energy value chain, including upstream oil and gas, LNG, power and emerging areas such as geothermal and hydrogen. Sproule has a strong and consistent track record of helping clients identify upside and potential risks, including advising organizations on mergers and acquisitions, technical due diligence, fair market valuations, and investment potential. Sproule combines in-depth technical and operational analysis with a detailed understanding of the energy value chain to assist clients with optimizing assets to maximize value.

60+ advisory engagements per year
28+ countries served
65+ commercial and technical experts
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Transformative Acquisition Enables New Market Entry

A major investment firm required in-depth technical expertise to manage risk and secure an offshore investment opportunity, diversifying their portfolio and providing access to a new market.

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Merger & Acquisition Advisory: Sproule’s experts combine thorough technical and commercial expertise to best advise our clients. We advise on acquisition and investment structuring, bidding strategy, financial modelling and economic analysis, negotiating tactics, board approval presentations, and advice on other aspects related to an acquisition or divestiture transaction.


Technical Due Diligence: Make informed investment decisions across the energy value chain. We perform independent technical evaluations of reserves and resources, identify drilling upside potential, identify key risks, determine future drilling inventory, and develop feedstock supply or demand forecasts related to energy infrastructure and facilities.


Market Insights: Mitigate risk and focus corporate strategy by understanding current and future energy market drivers. We research supply demand fundamentals, develop price forecasts, and perform scenario analysis in developing custom reports and presentations on oil, gas, and renewables market outlooks.


Fair Market Valuation: Obtain independent fair market valuations in all market conditions. We provide fair market valuations of assets and corporates based on a deep understanding of reserves, resources, asset development, discounted cash flow forecasting, and up-to-date precedent transaction and comparable company valuation metrics.


Expert Witness: Sproule’s broad and deep knowledge of oil and gas issues means we are often asked to provide expert witness testimony and opinions. Our most experienced staff support clients in judicial, regulatory, arbitration, and mediation proceedings globally. Sproule experts have testified in a wide range of petroleum-related legal and regulatory cases, including

  • Regulatory hearings for development, facility, pipeline, and export applications
  • Litigation and judicial proceedings for contract disputes, taxes, bankruptcy, production sharing agreements, and other issues
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Competitive drainage


Corporate Strategy: Achieve sustainable growth in any market environment. Our team originates and screens transactions, connects buyers and investors with opportunities, optimizes asset development plans and capital allocation, and provides technical and financial performance benchmarking.


Bespoke Solutions: Sproule designs custom solutions to problems our clients face globally. Production operations cost optimization, G&A streamlining and reduction, liability and regulatory, risk identification and management are all areas where we add value for our clients.

We Can Help You Capture Value

Oil and gas operations are complex, expensive and the technology keeps changing. They require large investments in complex geological, commercial and political environments. Stakeholders face significant technical and financial risks, which necessitates a deep understanding of the interrelationship between assets and markets across an increasingly integrated value chain. Sproule’s advisory services give stakeholders a better understanding of value drivers, upside potential, risks, and mitigation strategies.

Best Practices Customized for You

Our advisory services depend on many factors – including your asset’s quality, geography, and geology. Sproule will always customize our analysis to fit your objectives. Our experts help translate technical insights into commercial drivers and decisions.

Best Practices Customized for You

Our advisory services depend on many factors – including your asset’s quality, geography, and geology. Sproule will always customize our analysis to fit your objectives. Our experts help translate technical insights into commercial drivers and decisions.

Technical analysis may include:

  • Analyze geological and engineering data
  • Evaluate well logs and core data
  • Evaluate seismic surveys
  • Investigate production data, well tests, pressure data, and temperature and fluid data
  • Forecast future production rates consistent with performance to date and offset operations
  • Estimate reserves, resources, and recovery factor
  • Identify additional potential upside
  • Evaluate planned workover, drilling, and enhanced recovery projects based on analogous operations and recent program results
  • Conduct structural interpretation of the horizons
  • Conduct volumetric determination of initial hydrocarbons-in-place in reservoirs where performance data is inadequate for reserve estimation

A commercial analysis may include:

  • Review the plausibility of integrated projects, including capital costs, operating costs, regulatory considerations, schedule delay risk, and overall project viability
  • Develop a framework for considering strategic options for an asset based on market drivers
  • Conduct a fair market value analysis of assets
  • Provide or audit a returns analysis and integrated financial modelling of an asset across the value chain, including integration of upstream and downstream economics for integrated projects, such as pipelines, processing facilities or LNG terminals
  • Offer an integrated analysis of supply and demand for commodities, including an analysis of market drivers regionally or globally
  • Develop commodity price forecast scenarios for key benchmarks based on proprietary models and scenario analysis
  • Support the negotiation process for buy-side and sell-side mandates
Sheldon McDonough
Managing Director, Energy Advisory

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