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Lithium Market Outlook - North America 2023

Lithium is a crucial metal in the battery value chain given its exceptional energy density and lightweight properties. However, as the electric vehicle (EV) industry continues to surge, there’s a pressing concern about lithium supply meeting the growing demand by the end of this decade. Reliable lithium supply is essential for EV producers, as lithium demand is directly influenced by supply availability, battery alternatives, and pricing.

Our Lithium Market Outlook – North American is here to shed light on this dynamic sector. We explore the core fundamentals of the lithium market, offering a glimpse into direct lithium extraction methods, evaluating projects in Western Canada, and addressing regulatory and financing challenges. We wrap up the analysis with our North American lithium price forecast.

The forecast is underpinned by an assessment of key supply and demand catalysts. It offers an expert perspective on the future trajectory of the lithium economy, reinforced by our strategic insights, comprehensive project views, and robust resource evaluation services.

Report Highlights

  • Lithium Market Fundamentals
  • Direct Lithium Extraction
  • Regulatory and Financing
  • Price Forecast
  • Case Studies

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Lithium Market Outlook - North America 2023