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Case Studies 

Exploration to Appraisal of Helium Fields

US / 2023 / Reserves Certification

Sproule played a vital role in Blue Star Helium’s development in the Southern DJ Basin by providing comprehensive support from identification of prospects, through drilling discovery wells, to the planning of development and spacing hearings. The team’s independent resource evaluation increased stakeholder confidence and identified recoverable volumes throughout the play. Objective risking and ranking of prospects helped optimize drilling, while engineering analysis of reservoir conditions provided assurance of the potential commerciality of certain fields.

Project Highlights

  • Independent ASX Listed Pure Helium Exploration Company
  • Early Exploration Position in a Known Helium Play in Colorado, USA
  • Evaluation of Multiple Exploration Prospects with Prospective Resource Reports
  • Field Development Strategies Based on Contingent Resource Reports


Limited Data: With no available seismic data, and limited older generation well data, a premium was placed on exploration skills.

Complex Geology: The Southern DJ Basin includes multiple volcanic intrusions and a compound structural history.

Challenging Reservoir Fluids: Drilling and completing wells presented challenges due to the presence of numerous dry holes and under-pressured reservoirs.


Integrated Evaluation: Sproule’s expertise proved invaluable in extracting critical information from limited data into an integrated evaluation.

Identify Recoverable Volumes: A complete independent evaluation of drilling prospects generated recoverable volumes across the entire play.

Update to Contingent Resources Reports: As discoveries were made Sproule updated the resource reports to Contingent Resources.

Support Field Development Strategies: Sproule helped the client evaluate the proper appraisal plans to develop the fields.


Increase Stakeholder Confidence: Independent evaluation is a critical component of ensuring stakeholder confidence, providing assurance for the client’s directors, partners, and investors.

Optimizing Drilling: Risking and ranking of prospects can be conducted objectively by the client assisting in the prioritization of drilling locations.

Assurance of Commercial Potential: Engineering analysis of reservoir conditions provided assurance of the potential commerciality of certain fields.

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Steven Golko, P.Eng.
Managing Director, Reservoir Services

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