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Heights of Helium Exploration Evaluation

US / 2022 / Reserves Certification

Pulsar Helium required a Contingent and Prospective Resource Report to scale global operations. Sproule’s extensive expertise was instrumental in evaluating Pulsar’s world-class helium discovery in Minnesota, US, and hydrogen exploration program in Greenland. The uniqueness of the helium discovery is particularly noteworthy, as it represents a first-of-a-kind reservoir type that requires advanced and innovative evaluation techniques. Pulsar has established a compelling value proposition by exploring diversified energy programs offering substantial energy development and expansion opportunities.

Project Highlights

  • Exploration of  World Class Helium Discovery (10% He by Volume)
  • Limited Data in Non-Conventional Helium Reservoir
  • 2C Evaluation of 15.9 BCF of Helium
  • Non-Hydrocarbon, ASC Compliant Report for TSX Listing Purposes


Regulatory Requirements: Meeting helium regulations is challenging due to the nature of the gas and it’s relation to established regulations. As a non-hydrocarbon commercial gas, both ASC reporting standards and COGEH guidelines must be considered.

Operational Modelling: The discovery well had uncontrolled flow before being shut in. Sproule modelled both the magnitude of the flow and implications for the reservoir.


Cooperative Regulatory Alignment: Sproule reached an agreement with the ASC on a report that would follow COGEH guidance in all manners possible for a helium gas with no hydrocarbons. 

Integrating Disparate Data: Sproule’s team of geoscientists and reservoir engineers integrated disparate types of data such as mineral drilling daily reports, aeromag and aerogravity data, igneous petrology, groundwater geochemistry, wireline log data, equations of state calculations and satellite imagery to evaluate the Duluth Complex, what may lay beneath the Bald Eagle Intrusive, and the helium system.


Regulatory Approval: Sproule’s one-on-one communication with the ASC allowed the crafting of the report language to meet ASC and COGEH guidelines for a non-hydrocarbon commercial gas.

Trusted Resource Report: Sproule’s experienced technical team quantified the uncertainties and calculated the expected volumes of the contingent resources and surrounding prospective resources of the discovery well.

Optimized Strategic Planning: The client was able to state the expected range of recoverable resources and plan for the delineation well program as well as future leasing based on the Sproule report.

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Jeffrey Aldrich
Senior Geoscientist
Steven Golko, P.Eng.
Managing Director, Reservoir Services

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