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The Changing Face of Reserves Evaluation in North America Webcast Available for Listening

Friday, August 17, 2018

We were pleased to participate in the Oil & Gas Journal webcast featuring Sproule’s Steve Golko, Vice President Strategic Advisory and New Ventures. Host Quorum software led a group of panelists in a discussion on the changing face of reserves evaluation in North America.

Joining Steve was Brian Hamm, President & CEO, McDaniel & Associates and John Haugen, Senior Vice President, Ryder Scott, moderated by John Pollock of Quorum Software.

Session Description

Now that “unconventional” resources make up the lion’s share of new reserve bookings and data analytics has moved from esoteric to essential, reserves evaluators are faced with the challenge to stay competitive and relevant in today’s operating environment. Quorum Software, together with three representatives from different reserves evaluation firms, deliver a panel discussion on “The Changing Face of Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation in North America” to answer questions about industry trends, reserves, unconventional resources, data analytics, and the effects of technology and innovation.

Focused questions discussed

  • How knowledgeable is the industry in understanding unconventional resources?
  • What are the priorities for the new generation of Reserves Managers?
  • What innovation is required to stay competitive and relevant?
  • Has the large influx of Private Equity money changed how we look at Reserves?

Listen Now

Presented by

  • Brian Hamm, President & CEO, McDaniel & Associates
  • David Haugen, Senior Vice President, Ryder Scott
  • Steve Golko, Vice President, Strategic Advisory & New Ventures, Sproule

Moderated by

  • John Pollock, Director of MOSAIC Client Services, Quorum Software