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Sproule Enters Mexico’s Oil & Gas Market

Monday, October 9, 2017

Sproule, a leading global energy consulting firm, is pleased to announce the hire of Marcos y Asociados to provide local business development support in Mexico broadening Sproule’s ability to support Mexico’s oil and gas industry.

“Marcos y Asociados elevates Sproule’s ability to provide strategic guidance for clients entering the Mexican oil and gas industry,” said President and CEO, Sproule, Cameron Six, “the in-depth geoscience, engineering, and commercial expertise of Sproule, combined with the local market knowledge of Marcos y Asociados, is a natural extension of our organization to help the industry navigate the new energy reform in Mexico.”

Marcos y Asociados Infraestructura y Energia, established in 1995, is a financial consulting and business development firm specializing in the Mexico energy industry with an active presence in the sector. The firm’s executive team has deep industry knowledge and expertise anchored by over 30-years’ involvement in the oil and gas, financial, and power sectors in Mexico.

“We are honored to have been selected by Sproule to be their local partner in Mexico. Our two organizations share similar values and we look forward to implementing industry best practices in reservoir studies and reserves certification in Mexico, through close collaboration” says Ernesto A. Marcos, Partner with Marcos y Asociados.

“Having the support of Marcos y Asociados in Mexico City allows Sproule to expand our service offerings into a new, dynamic marketplace” says Jim Chisholm, Vice President, Latin America, Sproule “joining our offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Bogota, Colombia, Marcos y Asociados completes another cornerstone for our Latin America strategy.”

About Sproule

Sproule is a global energy consulting firm anchored by deep geoscience and engineering expertise combined with a strong commercial understanding of energy markets.  We help exploration and production companies, financial institutions, and governments accurately characterize subsurface opportunities and increase shareholder confidence through independent technical studies and economic evaluations of resources.

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