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Price Forecasters Continue To Monitor Impact Of Saudi Drone Strike

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Daily Oil Bulletin recently released an article titled, “Price Forecasters Continue To Monitor Impact Of Saudi Drone Strikes”. Liam O’Brien, Senior Associate of Strategic Advisory and Insights at Sproule was interviewed on this topic.

DOB Exclusive | by Paul Wells | September 24, 2019

While the Sept. 14 drone strikes on Saudi crude oil facilities gave pause for thought for commodity price forecasters, it’s not yet clear whether the incident will affect prices going forward.

But given the attacks on Saudi facilities and current geopolitical tensions, there could be forthcoming upside in the form of geopolitical risk premiums.

Liam O’Brien, a market analyst with Sproule Associates Limited, said forecasters are continuing to monitor the situation as state-owned Saudi Aramco continues efforts to get 5.7 million bbls/d of crude production that was shut-in after the attacks back online.

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