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Sproule Market Report

Latin America Energy Outlook 2024

From the natural gas reserves of Mexico to the offshore explorations of Tierra del Fuego, energy in Latin America and the Caribbean is a complex environment with a high potential for innovation and development. New energy sources have gained momentum, supported mainly by cost reduction, new international partnerships, and a favourable post-pandemic economic recovery.

Sproule’s Latin American and Caribbean Energy Outlook provides a comprehensive industry overview of what happened in the region in 2023 and what to expect in 2024. In this year’s edition, we highlight the primary transactions, influential projects, and regulatory updates driving decarbonization and growth of the energy sector. In addition, the report explores the market dynamics, including the growing demand for geothermal, lithium, hydrogen, and carbon capture technologies, along with the geopolitical challenges across the region that will test the resilience of the energy industry.

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Latin American Energy Outlook Report