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Alan MacDonald M.E.Des.

Independent Training Consultant

Alan MacDonald specializes in Corporate Risk Management. His passion is supporting organizations to achieve sustainable development and growth in people, planet AND profit. He is an expert in Social and Environmental Impact Assessment, Sustainability in Design, Aboriginal Partnering, Environmental and Safety Management Systems, Contaminated Site Remediation and Sustainable Decision Support.
Previous responsibilities have included Executive Officer, Founder, President, V.P., Project Manager, Business Developer, Team Builder, College Professor and Technical Consultant, with more than 30 years of work experience and a combination of business, industry, consulting, engineering, environmental, regulatory and social/community experience. Mr. MacDonald has Bachelor of Science and Master of Environmental Design degrees from the University of Calgary.

Alec Kovaltchouk P.Geo.

Vice President, Geoscience

Alec Kovaltchouk is responsible for leading the Geoscience department at Sproule. Alec has been a Sproule professional since 1997 and has over 32 years of industry experience. He has experience in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia (Dagestan, Siberia and the Volga-Ural region) and the Ukraine. His worldwide experience includes conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources, including shale gas and shale oil, heavy oil and oil sands, and coal bed methane. Alec is fluent in English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

Cameron Six P.Eng.

President and CEO

As President and CEO, Cameron’s role is to provide the leadership and management required to assure business success and sustainable growth in line with the strategic plan defined by the Board. Cam was previously Chief Operating Officer at Sproule. His 13-year tenure at Sproule includes reserve and contingent resource evaluations, acquisitions, divestitures, security commission reports, reserve audits, and international property evaluations. Cam has provided expert witness testimony across the globe as well as support to legal teams for litigation purposes. He lectures at the University of Calgary, and instructs the Sproule evaluation of Canadian oil and gas properties course. Cam has held various technical and management positions with Mobil Oil Canada and ExxonMobil Canada.

Chris Mylde

Vice President, Corporate Development

Chris manages the firm’s corporate, strategic and business development initiatives. He identifies business development opportunities, develops strategic partnerships and deepens client relationships to achieve Sproule’s business objectives. He provides executive guidance and supports the Board with respect to strategic and corporate development opportunities. Chris supports Sproule’s commodity forecast.

Christine Schuh PhD, P.Eng.

Independent Training Consultant

Dr. Christine Schuh is an international expert on two widely accepted standards in GHG verification and validation, ISO 14064-3 and ISAE 3410. Leading the climate change practice at PriceWaterhouse Coopers for a decade, Christine assisted in establishing the United States sustainability practice, building global processes and procedures for GHG assurance and developing WRI/WBCSD and Windmade standards. Currently, Christine maintains the verification and validation service at Emissions Reduction Alberta, reviewing and assessing emission reduction technologies.

Hayley Silberg P.Geo.

Geoscientist and Manager, Sproule Training

Hayley has been a Petroleum Geoscientist (P.Geo.) with Sproule's Reservoir Characterization Practice Area for five years. She performs seismic interpretation, seismic attribute mapping, geostatistical analysis, 3-D reservoir modelling, uncertainty modelling and reserves evaluation. Additionally, Hayley is Sproule’s Training Manager. She has experience in Western Canada, Ontario, Eastern Canada, the United States, the North Sea, Africa, New Zealand, Colombia and Madagascar.

Jeff Jackson P.Eng.

Petroleum Engineer

Jeff has been a Sproule professional since 2010. He has experience with the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and international reservoirs as well as experience in field operations. Jeff has experience estimating technical reserves and resources as well as developing economic models for projects including bitumen, heavy oil and unconventional gas reservoirs. Jeff has spent the majority of his career at Sproule specializing in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) technical and economic evaluations.

John Carlson P.Eng.

Director, Sproule Training

John, who has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Calgary, is the director of training at Sproule. He coordinates the development and scheduling of course programs, establishes partnerships with other training organizations, and manages the types of courses being offered in addition to assisting with course content development and maintenance, and coordinating the instructors.

Keith Carr C.E.T.

Independent Training Consultant

Keith has spent three decades in the oil and gas industry and has been sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with students for several years. His experience spans many of the technical disciplines, including drilling, completion, production engineering, and facilities in both conventional and unconventional resources. During his years in the industry he has prepared many reserves evaluations for large and small companies and has been involved in a number of corporate evaluations.

Larry Osaka

Independent Training Consultant

Larry has over 35 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and roughly 10 years of field experience in production operations, drilling, completions, and facilities construction. Larry is also experienced in optimizing the value of existing assets as well as planning and executing reserve growth via profitable development and/or acquisition of new assets.

Matthew O’Blenes P.Eng.

Senior Petroleum Engineer

Matthew O’Blenes has been a Sproule professional since 1997. Matthew lectures to industry through Sproule’s in-house course, Evaluation of Canadian Oil and Gas Properties. He has experience in Australia and Canada. Matthew’s career has focused on natural gas, encompassing the areas of reserves, production, storage, transmission and distribution. His experience includes both operational and planning points of view, with emphasis on economics and system performance.

Miles Hughes P.Eng.

Senior Petroleum Engineer and Manager, Strategic Advisory

Miles Hughes has been a Sproule professional since 2014. He has experience in exploitation and production engineering at a large Canadian multinational. Miles has also spent time as a corporate planning analyst, a new ventures and special projects engineer, and reserves manager at a number of junior producers, and he has experience in Canada and the United States. While at Sproule, Miles’ experience has been in the area of Canadian reserves evaluations and audits. He is also an instructor at the University of Calgary and teaches Sproule’s in-house course, Evaluation of Canadian Oil and Gas Properties.

Rob Dargewitcz HBA, MBA, CMA

Managing Director, Dargewitcz Consulting Corp

Rob has over 20 years of experience in various finance-related roles in both the public and private sectors. Rob is currently the Treasurer of the North West Redwater Partnership, a Calgary-based entity currently constructing a new $8.5 billion upgrader and refinery near Edmonton, which will go into operation in late 2017. Rob is also the Founder and Managing Director of Dargewitcz Consulting Corp (DC Corp), a financial services and consulting business committed to helping companies grow and meet their financial needs through corporate advisory, consulting and financial services, including strategic economic and financial modelling.

Robert R. Warholm P.Eng.

Specialist, Quality and Assurance

Rob has been a Sproule professional since 2005. Rob is a Manager of Quality and Assurance at Sproule.  He has experience in Canada, the United States and the Sudan.

Scott Pennell P.Eng.

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Scott is Senior Vice President Engineering, leading Sproule’s global engineering services team. Scott has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. His worldwide experience includes conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources. Scott has also worked on leading liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in Canada. He is an experienced engineering professional in the areas of reserves and resource evaluations, due diligence, and deliverability studies. Scott is currently a member of the program advisory committee at SAIT Polytechnic.

Suryanarayana Karri P.Geoph.

Petrophysical Specialist

Suryanarayana has been a Sproule professional since 2006. He has over 31 years of experience in petrophysics in carbonate and clastic environments. He is experienced in open and cased hole log interpretation, core analysis, and petrophysics of unconventional resources such as heavy oil and shale gas. He has carried out a number of reserve/resource studies in various sedimentary basins around the world.

Suryanarayana has experience in Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (North Sea), West Africa and Venezuela.

Yves Gauthier B. Sc.(Geol. Eng.), P. Eng.

Independent Training Consultant

Yves Gauthier has worked in Calgary’s energy industry for over 35 years. Yves has expertise in reservoir evaluation, gas marketing and mergers and acquisitions. He has led multi-disciplinary teams with the identification, evaluation and execution of several innovative oil and gas projects. Working at both junior and multi-national companies, Yves’ projects have spanned the WCS and Williston basins, and have included production operations practice at three field locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan.