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Sproule’s technical courses offer scientific explanations, real-world case studies and workshop problems to enable successful knowledge transfer from the classroom to your workplace.

TECH-01 / 2 days

Geoscience for Non-Geoscientists

Hayley Silberg

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TECH-02 / 2 days

Type Curve Seminar & Workshop

Sproule & Energy Navigator

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TECH-04 / 2 days

Heavy Oil & Oil Sands Technical Course

Cameron Six

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TECH-05 / 4 days

Reserves & Resource Booking Guidelines for Unconventional Resources

Miles Hughes, Matthew O’Blenes, Hayley Silberg & Cameron Six

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TECH-06 / 2 days

Shale Gas Technical Course

Cameron Six & Alec Kovaltchouk

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TECH-07 / 5 days

Logging Methods and Formation Evaluation

Suryanarayana Karri

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