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Technical / TECH-05 / 4 days

Reserves & Resource Booking Guidelines for Unconventional Resources

Miles Hughes P.Eng.

Senior Petroleum Engineer and Manager, Strategic Advisory

Matthew O’Blenes P.Eng.

Senior Petroleum Engineer

Hayley Silberg P.Geo.

Geoscientist and Manager, Sproule Training

Cameron Six P.Eng.

President and CEO



During this 4-day course, attendees will develop an understanding of the regulatory guidelines for determining and booking unconventional oil and gas resources. Students will gain a greater understanding of the topics presented by participating in the analysis of a number of relevant case studies.


The material covered in the course includes tips and insights for estimating resources and reserves for unconventional oil and gas assets, and explains how they are booked within a corporation’s asset portfolio.

  • Definitions of resources and reserves
  • Recognized Canadian and international criteria for determining resources and reserves
  • Coal bed methane assets
  • Heavy oil and oil sands assets
  • Shale gas and oil assets
  • Asset life cycle booking case studies
  • How corporate valuations of reserves may influence market valuations and asset values

Designed for

The course is designed for engineers, geologists, geophysicists, land professionals, accountants, technologists, and anyone who wants to understand the process and guidelines related to booking oil and gas resources and reserves.