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Petroleum Economics / ECON-01 / 2 days

Reserves-Based Economic / Financial Modelling & Financing

Rob Dargewitcz HBA, MBA, CMA

Managing Director, Dargewitcz Consulting Corp

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When considering new investment opportunities, understanding the use and application of economic and financial modelling tools is critical for successful project decision-making. This 2-day course offered in partnership with DC Corp and Off the Graff Enterprises teaches participants how to build comprehensive, strategic, reserves-based economic and financial models to support oil and gas project investment decisions. This hands-on course incorporates project financing and treasury-related concepts. Instructors address the difference between accounting and economic evaluations and highlight the necessary interaction and integration between technical and financial disciplines.


  • Model development and construction, including inputs sourcing
  • Forecasting project economics, including key financial parameters used in ‘go/no-go’ decisions
  • Sensitivity analysis incorporating scenario probabilities
  • Creation of pro forma financial statements
  • Debt vs. equity depending on the life cycle of the firm
  • Fixed vs. floating rate debt
  • Credit ratings impact on cost of capital
  • Calculation of the weighted average cost of capital
  • Net Present Value (NPV) discount rate in project economics

Designed for

The course is designed for a wide range of individuals at different levels of seniority, including analysts, business and technical managers, executives and board members.