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Reserves Evaluations / EVAL-09 / 1 day

Introduction to Evaluations: A Case Study for Land Professionals

Miles Hughes P.Eng.

Senior Petroleum Engineer and Manager, Strategic Advisory



This half-day course is an introduction to the evaluation process, reviewed as a simple case study. The material covered in the course is designed for those who are affected by the results of evaluations, but do not perform them. It is intended to give insight into the process, allowing students to better understand the results and the assumptions used in an evaluation.


Introduction to the income method of valuing an asset (the evaluation process)
Case study that goes step by step through a simple evaluation
Estimating reserves and production forecasting
Commodity price forecasts
Royalties and incentives
Capital costs
Operating costs
Cash flows, time value of money, and discounting
Profitability indices and investment decision-making

Designed for

This course is intended for land professionals.