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Reserves Evaluations / EVAL-05 / 5 days

Evaluation of Unconventional Gas Properties

Cameron Six P.Eng.

President and CEO

Alec Kovaltchouk P.Geo.

Vice President, Geoscience



This comprehensive 5-day course presents the foundational components and techniques of evaluating Canadian unconventional gas properties, which are also applicable to evaluations of unconventional gas properties elsewhere in the world. By the end of this course, participants will understand the evaluation process, where to source the appropriate data, how to evaluate an unconventional gas property, interpret evaluations done by others and, ultimately, how to make sound investment decisions using these evaluation techniques. The course lecture material is supported by a number of workshop exercises.


This course includes practical insights for evaluating wells, groups of wells, properties and companies. Topics include:

  • Understanding probability in estimating reserves
  • Estimating unconventional gas reserves and forecast production
  • Forms of ownership and the Crown royalty regimes in Western Canada
  • Understanding and categorizing capital and operating costs
  • Discounting future cash flows and interpreting profitability
  • Using evaluations for investments, acquisitions and divestments

Designed for

This course is designed for engineers, geologists, geophysicists, technologists, and anyone who wants to understand the process and results of evaluating Canadian unconventional gas properties.