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Special Market Report

2022 Global Crude Oil and Natural Gas Market Outlook

2021 marked an inflection point in global crude markets with surging demand from increased economic activity in the wake of the pandemic. This year, a resurgence in transportation fuel demand, disciplined upstream capital spending, and measured OPEC+ supply increases all contribute to the first sustained bullish outlook for crude prices since the early 2010s.This has been compounded further by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Sproule’s annual Global Outlook Report examines the key themes driving the direction of crude and natural gas markets, including the near-term disruption from Russian sanctions. It also considers the evolution of global carbon markets in a post-pandemic world.

Report Highlights

    • Update on global crude supply-demand balance in light of the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine
    • Crude supply dynamics from major producing regions, including the U.S., OPEC+, and global upstream capital spending expectations​
    • Global natural gas market update, LNG capacity outlook​, and the potential market impact of sanctions on Russia
    • U.S. natural gas supply-demand dynamics and outlook for LNG export capacity growth on the U.S. Gulf Coast​
    • Global compliance carbon market price overview and outlook​
    • Review and outlook for global carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) projects​
    • Key CCS developments expected in Canada in 2022 ​​

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