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Sproule Play Metrics

Quickly and accurately identify discrete opportunities in a sea of assets across Western Canada. Determine volumes and economics and benchmark results between companies, areas, and vintage to understand if your investments are measuring up.  

Play Metrics is Sproule’s expert opinion of production profiles and economic parameters for the key resources plays across Western Canada.  It is available through Catalyst, Canadian Discovery’s (CDL) intuitive play evaluation platform for complex oil and gas data. 
Play metrics analysis is the basis for all strategic decisions from transactions to asset planning in the oil and gas industry—helping you forecast future cash flow from key resource plays taking into account the full suite of half-cycle economic inputs. 

Sproule Play Metrics analysis helps you

  • Benchmark against your competition
  • Support corporate planning decisions
  • Identify A&D opportunities
  • Articulate investment strategies
  • Improve drilling practices
  • Assess operational best practices

Perform analysis on

  • Breakeven costs by detail play
  • IRR between detail play
  • Time to pay out and value
  • Price scenarios and sensitivities
  • Well by well NPV economic analysis and EURs

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Methodology Matters

Type Curve Analysis

Sproule analysis differentiates between reservoir performance and reservoir behaviour to enable the assessment of completion type, completion effectiveness, well length, and minor variations in reservoir quality within an area.  By developing type curve suites for multiple ‘geologic bins’ within an area allows Sproule to provide a range of expected results from the worst to best. 

Cost Analysis 

Sproule professionals have developed deep insights into the economic parameters of resource plays, having worked on many of them since their inception.  Each major resource play has a dedicated Sproule team.  The foundation of their analysis of go-forward development includes consideration of the reservoir variability, maturity of development, consolidation of land position, various options for marketing products, and other factors, that create a proprietary methodology for determining Sproule’s economic parameters.  


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Matthew Tymchuk, P.Eng.,
Manager, Engineering

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