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Reserves Certification

Rely on proven technical and commercial expertise to help your organization communicate corporate performance, increase stakeholder confidence, secure financing, and execute corporate strategy.

As trusted advisors, Sproule understands how reserves and resource evaluations provide an essential piece of the equity narrative presented to the investment community. We are committed to providing insightful, accurate and on-budget evaluations for clients across the world.


  • Independent Reserves Certification
  • Resource Assessments
  • Regulatory Disclosure
  • Competent Persons Reports
  • Petroleum Economics

Not All Barrels Are Created Equal

Distinctions in regulatory standards can have an impact on investment decisions. Download a snapshot of the intricacies and differences between the three largest petroleum securities markets, Australia, Canada, and the United States to assist you when assessing value, development potential, and project risks of potential investments.

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Robust Corporate Training Ensures High Standard of Annual Reserves and Resources Reporting for Petronas

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Delivering Large-Scale Evaluation and Disclosure Solutions

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Reserves Certification for Onshore Mexico

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Sproule Evaluations

A reserves evaluation is the basis of understanding reserves volumes.  It entails estimating commercially and technically recoverable volumes of petroleum from an asset with known accumulations of oil and gas. Sproule’s consultants have extensive experience with classifying reserves reflecting the uncertainty range of a given asset according to accepted industry standards, such as SPE-PRMS, COGEH or SEC. Sproule’s independent reserves certification consultancy team is respected and recognized as among the most authoritative in the industry by IOCs, NOCs, Independents, financial players and regulatory authorities.  Relied on for reserves disclosure and regulatory purposes, our reports also serve to reduce risk in acquisition, exploration, field development, infrastructure and refinancing.

Resource assessment for when your equity story can’t be captured by reserves alone

With the unprecedented growth of resource plays across North America, determining the real value of an asset, including reserves, contingent resources and prospective resources, is critical. Widespread reservoirs stretching hundreds of kilometres cannot be delineated by reserves alone, which is why investors need a clear picture of the true upside of an asset.

Sproule expertise and insight can help:

  • Create a capital efficiency program that will work in today’s price environment
  • Understand the full and half cycle cost across your portfolio
  • Support incremental equity investment
  • Ensure a clear understanding of the potential upside to secure a competitive position in a bid round

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