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Energy Insights

Navigating the Future of Energy with Confidence

Energy Insights is not just about planning for today; it's about preparing for tomorrow. Our experts help clients develop practical energy transition strategies and implementation plans for organizations, institutions, and governments globally. We use systems thinking tools that balance internal continuity with change and consider external uncertainties in the energy system and investment climate. Leveraging Sproule's technical, operational, and commercial expertise, Energy Insights guides you through the complexities of the modern energy landscape, focusing on sustainable energy and resource transitions.

Our four-step process involves exploring and understanding the external environment, defining clear ambitions, and creating a decision framework that can evolve with your needs. This framework becomes an adaptable roadmap guided by external indicators, ensuring that your energy transition journey is always on the right track.

Building a Customized Path Forward: Our Four-Step Process


  • State of Play
  • Societal driving forces
  • Consistent narratives


  • Critical uncertainties
  • Inevitable truths
  • Societal feedback loops


Ambition and Risk
  • Value chains in-out
  • Define key beliefs and ambition
  • Metrics and targets


Decision Framework
  • Build portfolio solution space
  • Understand trade-offs and risks
  • Decision points and sign-posts


Explore: Scenario Phase

In the first stage, we explore the current state of play in the energy sector. We assess societal driving forces and develop consistent narratives to create scenarios that provide a strategic outlook on potential future developments. This phase lays the groundwork for understanding the broader context in which your business operates.


Understand: Fundamentals Phase

Here, we delve into the energy system’s critical uncertainties and inevitable truths. By analyzing societal feedback loops, we gain insights into the external environment. This understanding is essential for identifying key factors influencing your strategic decisions and ensuring they are grounded in reality.



Frame: Ambition and Risk Phase

In this stage, we define clear ambitions and assess risks by examining the value chains you operate from various perspectives. We establish key beliefs, ambitions, metrics, and targets that align with your strategic objectives. This phase ensures that your goals are both ambitious and attainable, setting a solid foundation for decision-making.


Build: Decision Framework Phase

In the final stage, we develop a strategic portfolio plan aligning with your ambitions. This solution space framework will help you identify key upcoming decisions, understand trade-offs, and identify important external factors across your portfolio. The result is an adaptable roadmap to help you confidently navigate the evolving energy landscape.

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Sproule Launches Energy Insights to Help Navigate the Future of Energy

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Tijs Beek, M.Sc.
Principal, Energy Insights

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