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Canadian NGL Report

In today’s Canadian gas market, it is crucial for operations teams to quickly understand the profitability of natural gas processing and NGL production. GTI and Sproule have combined forces to deliver comprehensive analysis on critical factors shaping this market. 

Our report provides an in-depth understanding of the profitability of producing NGL based on various market parameters such as frac spreads, transportation and frac costs, plant netbacks, as well as supply, demand and inventory levels.

The analysis is based upon a thorough understanding of the Canadian natural gas and NGL value-chains from extraction to manufacturing, to transportation and end market consumption.  Accounting for all the value chain components, our professionals assess the commercial and market dynamics sensitivities to determine the profitability of each component of NGL. The easy-to-digest report provides a 12 to 18-month forward-looking view of the natural gas and NGL markets and profitability analysis to support operations and investment decisions.

This report is designed for

  • Executives with P&L accountability in oil & gas and midstream operations 
  • Midstream and gas/NGL marketers
  • Financial analysts
  • NGL buyers

We help you answer these critical questions

  • What value can I expect from my NGL production? 
  • When should I produce or reject NGLs?  How will either decision maximize my profitability in the near term?  
  • Where do I need flexibility in my production schedule based on upside analysis? 
  • Are NGL infrastructure investments required? 
  • What can I do to maximize the value of my entire production stream?

Canadian Natural Gas and NGL Market Dynamics Webcast

An in-depth, expert discussion on knowing when to produce or reject NGLs to drive your bottom-line results—even when the answers are not intuitively obvious.

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Sample Canadian NGL Report

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Sproule and GTI announce partnership to deliver enhanced monthly Canadian NGL report

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Canadian NGL Report: Profitability benchmarks and insights

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What’s Included

This monthly report leverages the expertise of GTI principals for a complete monthly profitability index of NGLs production. You get supply, demand and price forecasts on crude oil, natural gas, and NGLs, along with in-depth insight on natural gas and LNG markets.
Report includes:

  • Headline summary of key market activities impacting profitability 
  • Commodity prices and available NGL netback margins by component
  • Alberta and British Columbia natural gas and NGL production analysis
  • NGL rich gas economic analysis
  • C3+ frac spread
  • Price charts

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