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Seismic Monitoring of Geothermal Operations

Europe / 2022 / Geothermal Consulting

Veegeo Sproule Geothermal provides local seismic monitoring services for geothermal operations to ensure safe and responsible geothermal heat production. Most geothermal projects with similar geological characteristics to the Netherlands have a low to minimal risk of causing induced seismicity. In line with the geothermal regulations monitoring and documenting the local seismic activity gains significant insights into the impact of geothermal heat production. However, installing, maintaining, and evaluating a local seismic monitoring network can be costly. Therefore, Veegeo Sproule Geothermal provides a cost-effective solution: an in-house seismic monitoring tool using the expanding national seismic monitoring network (KNMI) to ensure safe and responsible geothermal heat production.

Project Highlights

  • Seismic monitoring at eight geothermal operations (15 producing doublets), including the projects of ECW Energy in North-Holland (Andijk and Middenmeer I&II) and HVC-ETP in South-Holland (Trias Westland I&II,.Maasdijk, Polanen, Wippolderlaan), as well as the geothermal operations of Wayland Energy (Bergschenhoek I), Nature’s Heat (Kwintsheul), and Greenbrothers (LTA Zevenbergen).
  • In-house seismic monitoring and documentation tool, including seismicity alert service and correlation with wells activity


  • A geothermal operation has the responsibility to manage the seismic risk associated with the geothermal project
  • Utilizing a local seismic monitoring network is costly
  • Clear and accurate documentation and evaluations of the seismic activity around the geothermal operation are vital in deciphering the seismic risk and the potential 


  • Veegeo Sproule Geothermal has developed an in-house seismic monitoring tool using the recently expanded KNMI seismic monitoring network.
  • The registered seismic activity around the (future) geothermal site is documented, analyzed, and visualized in a clear, user-friendly dashboard supported by a monthly report.
  • The seismic activity data is manually evaluated concerning the well’s activity.
  • Automated seismic activity alert is sent when seismic activity is published near the geothermal operation


  • Veegeo-Sproule provided the clients with a cost-effective solution for seismic risk management before (as a baseline) and during geothermal operations.
  • Monitoring geothermal seismic activity yields better insights into the effects of the production and injection of water and the activities at the surface. These insights contribute to safe and responsible geothermal heat production: licence to operate.

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Han Claringbould
Senior Geologist, Geothermal
Floris Veeger
Managing Director, Geothermal

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