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Case Studies 

Responsible End-of-life Asset Management for Canadian Energy Company

Canada / 2020-2021 / Asset Management

A bold strategy to build a better economic business model for successfully dealing with conventional end-of-life assets

Project Highlights

  • 6,000 boepd of production
  • Responsible mature asset management
  • AER regulation compliance
  • Implemented end-of-life asset management


  • The client needed to manage an end of life asset in a cost efficient manner and pursuant to AER regulations
  • An economic business model for conventional end of life assets was needed
  • The correct mix of assets needed to be identified and a cost effective team was needed to manage the assets
  • A realistic model focused on life cycle management and utilization of unique risk mitigation strategies was also needed


  • Sproule helped evaluate the acquisition, structure the offer, negotiate the purchase and sale, complete due diligence, secure appropriate licenses, and advise on unique aspects of the transaction
  • Sproule also managed the transition of the assets from the vendor to our client, putting all the required processes and systems in place
  • Sproule built the Discretion Waiver Request and supporting documentation, represented and presented to the regulator (AER) on behalf of the client.
  • Sproule provided a cost effective, fit for purpose advisory, administrative and operational team for all aspects of the client’s oil and gas business


  • The client now produces 6,000 boepd and derives economic returns by maximizing the cash flow from the assets
  • Client received the required approvals from stakeholders to close the transaction

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Perry Zich, P.Eng.
Vice President, Asset Management Operations

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