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Case Studies 

Offshore Gas Condensate Field Development Plan Analysis Supports Investment Decisions

APAC / 2019 / Reservoir Characterization

An oil and gas regulator was looking for independent, third-party technical guidance regarding an operator’s offshore gas condensate field development in order to bolster its decision-making.

Project Highlights

  • Assessed an offshore gas condensate field in Asia-Pacific
  • Involved 13 wells, a subsea pipeline and an LNG production facility
  • The regulator required an independent, third-party validation to verify the operator’s development plan
  • Included seismic and petrophysical interpretations


  • The area consisted of complex, highly faulted geology
  • Characterizing the reservoir is unique and challenging, as it is almost fully supported by a massive aquifer and there is lean gas injection
  • The regulator wanted an unbiased second opinion on the operator’s seismic,  petrophysical and engineering interpretations
  • The non-operator client needed static and dynamic models of the field to ensure consistency with and maintain confidence in the operator’s own models, proposed field development plans and capital spending


  • The regulator turned to Sproule as a trusted, independent party for technical expertise and insights, and a well-informed, unbiased opinion on the development plans and capital spending
  • Sproule prepared a static model of the field, using Schlumberger’s Petrel geological modelling software. Sproule generated the porosity and permeability transforms, water saturation height functions and electrofacies – all of which helped create the geomodel
  • Sproule built and history-matched the dynamic model using CMG’s GEM, fully compositional reservoir modeling software
  • Additionally, Sproule ran field development forecasts and compared the results with the operator’s model


  • Modeling gave the regulator confidence in the proposed field development plans and in the significant potential capital the operator would be spending on the field. Sproule completed the original study and two updates and continues to support the client.

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Frank Sorensen, P.Eng.
Senior Manager, Reservoir Studies

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