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Miscible Flooding Provides New Potential in Mature Fields

Canada / 2017 / Reserves Certification

A midsize E&P operator wanted to assess the impact of using enhanced oil recovery methods on a mature field in their portfolio. Sproule provided independent analysis of the potential of miscible flooding on a previously waterflooded reservoir.

Project Highlights

  • Supported potential investment with independent analysis
  • Assessed EOR methodology risks
  • Determined the risk of miscible flooding
  • Identified potential recoveries from the reservoir


  • The client needed to assess potential production results using enhanced oil recovery methods on mature fields in their portfolio. Specifically, they wanted to determine the potential of miscible flooding on a previously waterflooded reservoir, as a method to increase oil recovery
  • To raise capital, the client required independent analysis of the range of potential future recovery from the reservoir


  • Sproule evaluated the technical elements of the reservoir and development strategy, while also considering economic factors
  • The Sproule technical team incorporated risk inherent in miscible flooding on a previously waterflooded reservoir into their analysis and provided a low, best and high estimate to bracket the expected production outcome
  • An independent evaluation of the contingent resources indicated potential recoveries from the reservoir, while highlighting key risks potentially incurred as the project becomes commercial


  • The independent study validated some of the client’s assumptions and supported potential efforts to raise capital

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Robert Warholm, P.Eng.
Senior Manager, Quality and Assurance

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