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Case Studies

Independent Reserves Certification in Thailand

An onshore operator in Thailand required independent reserves certification with expertise in assessing geologically complex reservoirs.

Project Highlights

  • Supported regulatory requirements
  • Involved complex geology
  • Delivered extensive seismic interpretation
  • Enabled the client to understand the range of risk


  • The client required independent reserves disclosure to support its status as a publicly listed company on a Canadian stock exchange
  • This field is a multi-layered reservoir that is highly fractured, and the seismic data has been reprocessed and re-interpreted as more wells were drilled and a better understanding of the reservoir was gained
  • The project required significant geophysical expertise and understanding of geological uncertainty and required to have reserves assigned that reflected the geological uncertainty


  • Sproule utilized a multi-disciplinary team to understand the reservoir and assign reserves
  • The Sproule technical team completed the report for the client’s Thai assets in both U.S. and Canadian dollar outputs as required
Meghan Klein, P.Eng.
Senior Manager, Engineering

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