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Geothermal Production Support to Seven Doublets

Global / 2022 /

Geothermal heat is a baseload renewable energy source, in production 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This consistent energy output allows for predictable and reliable energy planning. Geothermal heat plants require performance monitoring to ensure the doublet is optimized and the integrity of the well is secured.

Project Highlights

  • Geothermal production support of 7 doublets in the Netherlands: Trias Westland I & II (Naaldwijk), Nature’s Heat (Kwintsheul), Wayland Energy (Bergschenhoek), Aardwarmte Vierpolders (Brielle), Haagse Aardwarmte Leyweg (The Hague), and Greenbrothers (Zevenbergen).
  • Tailored solutions and troubleshooting based on location-specific characteristics


  • Optimizing the production of Geothermal heat requires highly specialized technical skills
  • Well integrity needs to be secured for safe and responsible exploitation
  • Infrastructure problems such as scaling, injection blockage, corrosion, and microbiology can reduce the efficiency of energy production
  • Each doublet has location-specific characteristics, which need to be addressed to ensure a steady output


  • Holistic approach to geothermal production monitoring and optimization, including ESP design, well integrity monitoring, corrosion management, and well stimulation
  • Optimize well production by analyzing production and injection data and installing early mitigation measures to address issues such as scaling, injection blockage, corrosion, and microbiology by choosing optimal well material or inhibitor type and dosage
  • The safety and integrity of the wells are insured by our own developed “Wells Integrity Management System” (WIMS). This provides a clear and systematic overview of the specifics, characteristics, and changes over time.
  • Perform well interventions and workovers to optimize production and secure well integrity, such as routine wireline jobs or installing double tubing


  • Predictable heat production to meet baseline requirements and ease energy planning
  • Peace of mind – our geothermal production team is the first contact for the local plant manager to troubleshoot problems such as ESP trips, filters blockage, or unexpected pressure measurements

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Han Claringbould
Senior Geologist, Geothermal
Floris Veeger
Managing Director, Geothermal

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