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Case Studies

Gas Storage Optimization & Well Replacement Analysis

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Canada / 2016 / Reservoir Characterization

Needed options for replacing aging vertical wells with horizontals

Several gas storage pools studied

Detailed static and dynamic models constructed

Maximize gas storage cycle at minimum well replacement cost


  • A midstream company needed to evaluate options for replacing aging vertical wells with horizontals in several gas storage pools


  • The integrated models of the gas storage pools incorporate 3D seismic and petrophysical analysis and performance data
  • 3D geological models were constructed, followed by the preparation and calibration of dynamic reservoir simulation models
  • As part of the current well replacement study, some of the models were updated and calibrated to match recent performance data from the field
  • Forecast scenarios are being investigated to determine the optimal well replacement strategy for select gas storage pools


  • Through gas storage modelling, Sproule can help organizations ensure that gas storage assets are optimized