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Consistent Methodology Drives Effective Capital Allocation

Global / 2017 / Transaction Advisory

A national E&P company with assets across the world wanted to create a consistent methodology for evaluating upstream opportunities based on volumetric analysis in order to more effectively allocate capital to support the growth of reserves and drive financial results.

Project Highlights

  • Provided best practices for deterministic and probabilistic volumetric analysis
  • Created a framework to optimize global investment opportunities
  • Translated volumetric analysis into investment decision criteria to upstream teams
  • Connected deep technical expertise with business planning


  • The client was seeking external expertise to develop a consistent framework and methodology to evaluate upstream opportunities based on volumetric analysis
  • As a global E&P company, the client wanted more consistency in evaluating opportunities across their upstream teams to ensure a common approach to resource management, assessing resource volumes and maturity
  • Exploration leadership also wanted to introduce best practices for volumetric analysis, developed to accommodate the unique needs of their organization


  • Utilizing deep technical expertise, Sproule developed a decision tree analysis tool to assess assets
  • The model was designed to support both probabilistic and deterministic analysis throughout the lifecycle of an asset.
  • The model introduced best practices for using both probabilistic and deterministic methodologies
  • Sproule experts worked with the client onsite to tailor the model for the client’s specific requirements.
  • The model was designed for multiple asset types ranging from conventional to unconventional


  • The organization was able to implement a robust framework for volumetric analysis to ensure consistency and optimize capital investment
  • The model enabled the organization to assess decisions and possible consequences for business planning purposes
  • The model also provided more junior staff a framework to support their evaluations
  • Best practices were introduced across all global asset teams

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Alec Kovaltchouk, P. Geo.
Senior Geoscientist

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