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Collaborative Resolution of First Nations Land Claim

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Canada / 2000 / Strategic Advisory

$6 million settlement

Acted as an independent advisor to both the plaintiff and the defendant

Facilitated an efficient, cost-effective dispute resolution

Provided technical and economic expertise


  • A First Nations community claimed that the federal government of Canada had mismanaged lands where the community had mineral rights and, as such, royalties were owed to the community
  • Sproule was engaged jointly by the First Nations community and the Crown to establish the monetary value associated with the mineral rights on the disputed lands


  • A geological evaluation was conducted to determine the future potential for the disputed lands
  • A production profile, consisting of both the history and the forecast, was developed
  • An economic cash flow model was created that included the historical royalties that the First Nations community should have received as well as a forecast of future royalties owed to the community
  • Sproule acted on behalf of both the Crown and the First Nation in settling the dispute


  • The First Nation and the Crown accepted the results of Sproule’s evaluation, resulting in a settlement of the claim
  • Acting as a trusted, independent advisor, Sproule was able to help both the First Nations community and the Crown resolve a dispute in an efficient and cost-effective manner