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CO2 Sequestration Study to Support a Saline Aquifer Hub Proposal for Wolf Midstream​

Canada / 2022 / Carbon Management

Project Highlights

  • Assessment of CO2 sequestration potential to support future sequestration hub project proposal
  • Scenario modelling to evaluate the  CO2 storage potential, injection performance, plume extent, and expected pressure increases in AOI
  • Identified optimal appraisal well location using probabilistic modelling considering uncertainty in key reservoir parameters
  • Provided CO2 injection appraisal well design, cost, and drilling risk assessment 


  • Wolf Midstream (“Wolf”) identified a CO2 sequestration project in Alberta, Canada, in close proximity to multiple large CO2 emission sources, existing pipeline infrastructure and a saline aquifer with CO2 storage potential​
  • Wolf engaged Sproule for the purpose of supporting a sequestration hub project proposal, including verifying the maximum storage resource potential through geological and reservoir simulation modelling of the area of interest (AOI), and identifying an appraisal well location considering injection requirements, CO2 plume extents and aquifer pressure increase in the AOI​
  • Sproule considered geological property uncertainty due to limited well control in the saline aquifer project area​
  • Numerous injection scenarios were performed to better understand the effect that injection performance had on storage potential, along with CO2 and pressure plume extent


  • Sproule assembled a team of highly experienced individuals with specific regional expertise and skilled in saline aquifer and subsurface modelling ​
  • A representative 3D reservoir simulation model was constructed based on a geological/geostatistical model incorporating geological, petrophysical and engineering data​
  • Geological property probabilistic modelling and mapping was performed to identify areas within Wolf’s AOI that provided the highest probability of meeting minimum CO2 injection requirements​
  • Key reservoir simulation parameters were identified, and sensitivity analysis was performed to present a range of resulting plume lengths and injection rates​
  • Sproule concluded that there was sufficient evidence of containment, capacity, and injectivity at the selected appraisal well location and within the AOI to support a CO2 sequestration Hub​


  • Sproule applied their deep subsurface modelling expertise, coupled with their novel integrated saline aquifer geological and numerical simulation-based workflow to significantly advance Wolf’s understanding of the area’s storage potential and key uncertainties
  • Sproule recognized the need to consider alternative storage development plans and future adjacent CO2 sequestration to fully evaluate storage potential and impact on flowing bottom-hole pressures and displaced saline aquifer volumes
  • Sproule leveraged its Asset Management business unit to provide a CO2 appraisal well drilling and completion program, design, costing and risk assessment  
  • Sproule provided Wolf a thorough analysis of maximum CO2 storage potential supported by robust geological and numerical modelling, which successfully underpinned a saline aquifer sequestration hub proposal

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Richard Hares, P.Eng.
Principal, Carbon Management

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