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Analysis Proves That Complex Nano-Fluid Can Increase Horizontal Well Performance

US / 2016 / Reservoir Characterization

Flotek Industries, Inc. teamed with Sproule to conduct an independent investigation of the effectiveness of complex nano-fluids (“CnF”) on well performance and recovery from horizontal wells drilled and completed in the DJ Basin of Colorado, the Permian Basin of Texas and the Eagle Ford play in south Texas.

Project Highlights

  • Key resources include DJ Basin, Permian Basin and Eagle Ford play in south Texas
  • Complex data analysis included 1,000’s of wells and multiple variables
  • The engagement involved regional mapping of productivity improvement trends and results


  • Flotek Industries needed to validate findings regarding the effectiveness of complex nano-fluids (“CnF”) on well performance and recovery from horizontal wells


  • Sproule evaluated thousands of hydraulically fractured horizontal oil and gas wells across the various basins
  • The team identified and mapped all the horizontal well locations that used the CnF additive. The analysis accommodated regional reporting distinctions to ensure accuracy.
  • Sproule assessed the production performance of the wells (both CnF® and non-CnF wells) using the first 12 months of cumulative oil production and an Estimated Ultimate Oil Recovery (“EUR”)
  • Both parameters were calculated in terms of oil volume (barrels) and the ratio of oil volume to the gross perforated interval length in the horizontal well (barrels per foot). A higher calculated value for any of the four possible parameters indicated greater well productivity.


  • The results indicate that, in certain areas, the wells that used the CnF additive showed a significant increase in both 12-month and ultimate oil production productivity parameters.
  • The client was able to demonstrate the efficacy of the CnF additive in environments that are favorable to the application of the completion fluid. In such cases, they observed a significant increase in oil production.

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Tim Hower, P.E.
Senior Technical Advisor

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