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Case Studies 

Acquisition Support for Key U.S. Unconventional Assets

US / 2015 / Transaction Advisory

A large private equity firm, assessing a significant E&P acquisition of key U.S. unconventional assets, required an independent validation of the asset value in order to proceed with the opportunity.

Project Highlights

  • The firm needed technical and commercial analysis prior to a potential acquisition
  • Assets were spread throughout five major U.S. unconventional basins
  • The opportunity is valued at $7+ billion
  • The client required rapid turnaround


  • The investor needed a more in-depth understanding of the geological and engineering aspects to be more comfortable in establishing a valuation.
  • For this time-sensitive opportunity, the client required a fast turnaround of the analysis in order to proceed with the deal.


  • With extensive experience in the key plays, Sproule prepared the technical evaluation and future cash flow projections of the key plays
  • Sproule ran all the sensitivities, and set up the database and baseline projections
  • The team worked directly with the deal team to better assess risks and upside based on market conditions and geologic parameters


  • With Sproule’s technical and commercial insights, the producer gained a much clearer view into the upside of the opportunity and was able to successfully complete the acquisition

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Tim Hower, P.E.
Senior Technical Advisor

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