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Acid Gas Disposal, CO2 Sequestration & Gas Acceleration Study

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Canada / 2015 / Reservoir Characterization

Feasibility of acid gas (CO2 & H2S) disposal into depleted gas pool

Static and dynamic models constructed and successfully calibrated

Depleted gas pool deemed logical place to inject acid gas

Project would reduce environmental impact of CO2 emissions


  • A midstream company needed to determine the feasibility of injecting acid gas (CO2 and H2S) into a depleted gas pool for the purpose of disposal, CO2 sequestration and enhancing gas recoveries


  • Sproule consultants successfully helped the client by constructing a geological model of the gas pool, and incorporating available geological and petrophysical data
  • The model was upscaled for use in a simulation model, which was calibrated by history matching the performance of existing wells in the model region
  • Forecast cases were investigated to gain an understanding of the volume of acid gas that could be injected and the time it would take for the acid gas to break through to producing wells


  • The pool was deemed a logical place to commence acid gas injection and would have the added benefit of improved native gas recovery
  • This project, if executed, would reduce the environmental impacts of CO2 emissions through storage in underground reservoirs