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Sproule Launches New Type Curve Analysis Database and Report

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sproule announces the launch of its new Type Curve Analysis database and report. An industry first, this powerful new offering can dramatically shorten the time spent: screening opportunities, evaluating producing wells and benchmarking performance—helping E&P companies and financial firms stay ahead of the competition, increase efficiency and decrease costs.

“We recognize that information derived from quality data, or ‘smart information’, is another way we can support our clients”, says President and CEO, Lowy Gunnewiek, “and that our Type Curve Analysis product can help our clients create long-term value from energy resources in today’s competitive environment.”

This comprehensive and rigorous production profile dataset is available for 14 key resource plays across Western Canada. “Differentiating reservoir performance and reservoir behavior enables assessment of completion type, completion effectiveness, well length, and minor variations in reservoir quality within the area,” says Steven Golko, Vice President of Capital Strategies. “Well performance varies within any individual geologic bin, so we’ve developed a ‘type curve suite’ for each geologic bin that covers the range of expected well results, from worst performing to best in any area”.

Sproule has developed a proprietary process for creating its type curves. “This process factors more than just quality analysis; it’s creating a consistent framework enabling better business decisions across an organization”, says Golko. The framework is transparent and offered as a course to industry through Sproule’s training program. Contact us today to receive a sample report and see the difference: