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Sproule Launches Energy Insights to Help Navigate the Future of Energy

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Sproule Launches Energy Insights to Help Navigate the Future of Energy

CALGARY, Canada – June 25 2024 –
Sproule, a leading global energy consulting and advisory firm, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Energy Insights practice. This initiative guides clients through the complexities of the modern energy system, focusing on energy and resource transitions by providing practical strategies and comprehensive implementation plans.

Considering the uncertainty of a dynamic energy system and investment climate, Energy Insights uses systems thinking tools that balance internal continuity with change to meet long-term sustainability goals. The practice leverages Sproule’s full technical, operational, and commercial expertise to help clients navigate opportunities across the energy value chain.

The team is led by Tijs Beek, Principal, Energy Insights, who brings global expertise in energy modelling and scenario planning. In his most recent role at a major global energy firm, he led the development of an integrated strategic decision framework, providing insight into the fundamental driving forces for local energy and resource transitions and their impact on the direction and pace of change.

“Sproule’s expertise in systems thinking and energy analysis is pivotal in supporting clients through the complexities of the energy transition, ensuring their decisions are well-informed and strategically sound,” comments Beek. “Our four-step process involves exploring and understanding the external environment, defining clear ambitions, and creating a flexible decision framework. This framework becomes an adaptable roadmap, guided by external indicators.”

“The introduction of Energy Insights further solidifies Sproule’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that help clients make informed decisions to achieve long-term success in the energy sector,” says Christoffer Mylde, Sproule’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Development. “Energy Insights offers a strategic opportunity for our clients to better understand the world’s evolving energy system.”

“Our global team of experts across technical, commercial, and operational disciplines provides clients with diverse expertise to derive maximum value from their energy assets,” says Jim Chisholm, President and CEO of Sproule. “We are excited to be in a position to support our clients further through the launch of Energy Insights, as they embrace opportunities within the future energy system.”

For more information about Energy Insights, please visit our website.

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Sproule is a multidisciplinary advisory firm that optimizes decision-making in the energy sector by integrating technical, commercial, and operational expertise. We help clients make informed decisions by improving their understanding of value drivers and risk management for long-term profitability and strategic growth.

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