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Sproule Announces New President; as Firm Continues to Strengthen Operations and Enhance Global Growth

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Sproule, a leading global energy consulting firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of James “Jim” Chisholm, P.Eng. to President of Sproule, effective July 1, 2019. Mr. Chisholm will take over the role from Cameron Six, P.Eng. Mr. Six will continue to serve as CEO for a 1-year transition term after which Mr. Chisholm will take the helm as President and Chief Executive Officer.

“Jim’s appointment and this transition are exciting milestones in a succession plan that will continue over the next 12 months,” says Cameron Six, CEO Sproule. “This appointment is a critical part of Sproule’s strategic plan involving geographic expansion and portfolio diversification to better support clients in an increasingly complex energy landscape.”

Jim Chisholm named President of Sproule
With a 13-year tenure at Sproule and over 20 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, Chisholm is a seasoned engineering expert and business leader who has been instrumental at expanding Sproule’s footprint in the Latin American market. Jim brings a wealth of technical expertise in reserves and resource evaluations within all major classification systems across the world and has extensive unconventional, heavy oil and enhanced oil recovery experience. Jim also holds a board position within the organization.

“I’d like to thank both the board for their continued support and Mr. Six for his steady leadership over the last 24 months. I look forward to working with Cam to ensure the Company is positioned for continued success,” says Mr. Chisholm, President, Sproule.

Sproule is also pleased to announce two new appointments within the existing executive team.

Scott Pennell is now Chief Operating Officer at Sproule
Scott is now responsible for overseeing Sproule’s global business operations and for driving operational innovation throughout the organization. Scott has 25 years of experience in the global oil and gas industry and previously served as Senior Vice President, Engineering at Sproule.  He has extensive expertise with both conventional and unconventional reservoirs in the areas of reserves and resource evaluations, due diligence, and deliverability studies. Scott also holds a board position within the organization.

Steven Golko is now Senior Vice President of Consulting Services
An accomplished leader with a track record of driving innovation, Steve now leads Sproule’s Consulting Services team comprised of over sixty geoscience, engineering and commercial experts around the world. He previously held the position of Vice President, Strategic Advisory advising clients on mergers and acquisitions, technical due diligence, and fair market valuations. Steve is an experienced engineer with 15 years of experience in the areas of reserves evaluations and audits, supply studies, security commission reports, and resource assessments. An industry thinker and innovator, Steve has written several papers on property evaluation methodologies and best practices and helped develop several new offerings at Sproule.

About Sproule
Sproule is a global energy consulting firm with over a 65-year legacy of driving value for clients by helping professionals in the oil and gas sector make better business decisions—decisions that build sustainable prosperity from energy resources around the world.  Sproule is anchored by deep geoscience and engineering expertise combined with a strong commercial understanding of energy markets.

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Sproule has offices in Mexico City, The Hague and Rio De Janeiro.