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Oilsands Growth Fueled Pipeline Bottleneck, but Conventional Crude Helped Drive Production Curtailment

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Canadian oilsands have fueled much of the production growth in the last several years resulting in the current pipeline bottleneck.  The unintentional consequences of this bottleneck on conventional producers helped prompt the government of Alberta to intervene and rein in production.

Christoffer Mylde, VP Corporate Development, and Liam O’Brien, Petroleum Engineer & Market Analyst of Sproule sat down with Maurice Smith from the Daily Oil Bulletin to discuss the current production curtailment and infrastructure bottleneck in Alberta. The article highlights:

  • The market factors that caused the differential and the production curtailment mandated by the Alberta Government
  • Is the production curtailment working to balance the differential between WCS, CLA and WTI
  • How the curtailment is supporting the global crude pricing
  • How crude-by-rail will be part of the Canadian oil and gas markets long-term strategy to getting product to markets

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