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New Technical and Economic Feasibility Study from Sproule: Down-spacing in the Viking

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Optimize drilling programs and efficiently increase production through insight into the long term performance of multi-fractured horizontal wells in the Viking. This study assesses the impact of down-spacing on new and offset wells. It examines ultimate recoveries (EURs) and identifies which scenarios are most economic in the current low price environment.

Expert analysis provides insight into:

  • How new wells will perform in the Viking
  • What the impact of new wells will be on existing wells
  • How much additional oil will be recovered
  • Whether the economics support down-spacing

Why Sproule: Methodology and Experience

Using 3D reservoir simulation modeling techniques, type curve comparisons and economic evaluations, Sproule experts investigated the long-term production profiles of various down-spacing scenarios in the Dodsland Viking Pool. This study was performed using an integrated geoscience and engineering approach, applying 10 years of Viking experience in over 240 projects, including 115 reserve evaluations, 15 resource studies, and +30 acquisition and divestiture assessments.

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