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How Mexico is Attracting Major Explorers to E&P Projects

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Evaluate Energy, the Daily Oil Bulletin and Sproule have partnered in a new report highlighting details of the bid rounds, the key players involved and the implications for Pemex. The report includes commentary from Jim Chisholm, VP Latin America for Sproule, on the historical Mexico energy reforms and the impact they have had on attracting major E&P players to Mexico.

With nearly 70 companies entering the fray since Mexico opened up its E&P market, this segment focuses on assessing the success of the bid rounds to date and the top-13 players who participated.

On the eve of the country’s upcoming presidential election in July 2018, the full complimentary report focuses on:

  • The main amendments made to Mexico’s constitution, regulatory systems, and administrative agencies to support the reforms.
  • The winners and key trends seen in each bidding round held so far.
  • The role Pemex has played to date and its ongoing plans.
  • The recent successes and challenges faced by neighboring nations that are also competing for outside upstream investment.

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