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MHA, a Sproule company

MHA, a Sproule company, applies advanced subsurface geoscience and engineering analysis to characterization and model the dynamic behaviour of oil and gas reservoirs to maximize the value of your assets.

With offices in Denver, Colorado and Bakersfield, California, our consultants specialize in reservoir appraisal and description, reservoir analysis, geological modelling and reservoir simulation studies, secondary and enhanced oil recovery studies, litigation support and reserves and economic valuations.

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Reserve and Resource Evaluation

Our experts have conducted hundreds of reserve and resource evaluations in the U.S. and internationally, onshore and offshore, and under various scenarios defined by the PRMS, SEC, and NI 51-101.  We have conducted evaluations for companies listing on U.S., Canadian, London, Australian and Singapore stock exchanges, as well as for numerous North American and international financial organizations.
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Field Studies and Complex Reservoir Processes

From large field development studies located offshore of South Africa to designing and interpreting 3D seismic surveys as part of an exploration program in Mongolia, we use an integrated approach to understanding the most complex reservoirs. Our comprehensive analysis provides the framework for identifying the most efficient methods and enables accurate evaluation of oil and gas fields and reservoirs.
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Litigation & Expert Witness

Our professionals have assisted clients in numerous litigation, regulatory, and arbitration hearings, in the U.S., Canada, and worldwide. We possess the technical skills and presentation abilities required for success in these situations. Our ability to communicate the results of our technical analyses allows us to present a view that is consistent with the available data, and that can be rigorously defended.

Our experts are licensed professional engineers and certified professional geologists in numerous states including California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, Texas and Wyoming.
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Unitization and Redetermination

Experienced in providing support to companies in the process of unitizing reservoir ownership and redetermining equity sharing, our experts employ integrity and independence to allow us to perform these studies either on behalf of a particular client or in the position of a neutral arbitrator.
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Enhanced Recovery and Gas Storage

Our experts have significant experience evaluating enhanced recovery projects, including waterflooding, CO2 injection, miscible flooding, and thermal recovery projects. We build numerical simulation models that are calibrated to reservoir performance and used to optimize and predict recovery from these types of projects. In some cases, projects include the creation of detailed static geologic models of the subsurface geology.

Our firm also has extensive experience evaluating underground gas storage reservoirs. Expertise includes investigating the feasibility of developing new gas storage projects, as well as the evaluation of the critical operating parameters necessary to achieve optimum field performance from existing underground gas storage reservoirs. We have been involved in the follow-up projects that take the design specifications from the feasibility studies, reservoir simulation models, and surface facility evaluations, and implement these recommendations to actual field operations.
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Unconventional Reservoir Studies

Recognizing that your unconventional project needs a multi-disciplinary approach to unlock maximum potential, our highly experienced team of engineers and geoscientists will work with your organization to find a custom solution that is fit for purpose. Our professionals were pioneers in the fields of CBM/CSG and tight gas and continue to lead in the evaluation of the challenging field of shale and other ulta-low permeable reservoirs.
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MHA, a Sproule company, provides specialized petroleum training through Petroskills as well as offering custom onsite training to support your unique technical challenges, from subsurface analysis to optimizing software skills.

Partnering with Petroskills, a leader in global petroleum training, our skilled trainers provide extensive learning solutions for oil and  gas professionals along the entire energy value chain.

Customized Onsite Training
For unique technical challenges or to learn how to optimize your in-house petroleum software solutions we offer customized onsite training.
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Unit-to-Unit Conversion

MHA Convert

MHA’s free unit-to-unit conversion software is designed for basic conversion calculations used on a daily basis in the oil and gas industry.

This utility is provided free of charge, however, MHA Petroleum Consultants makes no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information contained in this program; nor assumes any liability with respect to the use of any information contained in or results derived from this program.

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Petroleum Properties Program


MHA’s Petroleum Properties Program (P3) is designed for fluid and rock property correlations.

This program is published as a courtesy to students attending PetroSkills, Reservoir Engineering Course. No warranty is made as to the accuracy or appropriateness or the correlations contained in this program.


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